Colorama – Chaos Wonderland

There are a select group of musicians who gradually, often unnoticed, manage to achieve the respect of their peers and as a result become the ‘go to’ musicians for live work and sessions. One such example is Carwyn Ellis who has worked with a string of notable artists including Edwyn Collins, Roddy Frame and more recently as a member of the Pretenders. Most would be content to enjoy the ride as an end in itself but Ellis continues to pursue his own music and in 2019 released ‘Joia!’ one of the finest albums of the year with his band Rio 18. As a result of all this activity ‘Chaos Wonderland’ has been resting in the pending tray for a couple of years and it’s a welcome addition to the growing Ellis/Colorama discography. It’s an outstanding and varied album which traverses moods and genres with ease and working alongside Shawn Lee the musicianship matches the excellence of the song writing.

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