David Grubb – Nano

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Being a solo violinist in the classical world is seen by many as the pinnacle of achievement and the rewards and recognition can be vast. Solo violinists in other genres are a rarer breed. In the world of Jazz the likes of Stephane Grappelli and Jean-Luc Ponty have achieved world fame. In folk the fiddle is often present but usually provides musical support rather than being the star of the show. In rock music the violin is a less than frequent flyer and only a very few such as Ed Alleyne-Johnson and David Cross have achieved success as solo artists and even they aren’t household names.

David Grubb is a young Scottish player now based in Cardiff. You may not know his name but if you’re a regular gig goer in the South Wales area the chances are you will have witnessed his fine playing with acts such as Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s, Aled Rheon, Novo Amor, Toby Hay and many more. He is a highly gifted musician and on this release he has assembled a class act to accompany him including Annie Perry on clarinet and Aidan Thorne from Duski on bass.

The music is diverse and moves effortlessly between folk, jazz and classical. It is at times darker than his debut release with “Bliss is Ignorance” being one such example. A passionate brooding track full of strident themes and shifting moods. Another standout is “The Space in Between” which begins with a restrained piano melody and gradually builds with an exquisitely haunting violin melody.

Having provided musical support and accompaniment for other artists with this release in hand it is now time for David Grubb to take the seemingly small but significant move to centre stage.




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