Dead Method – Queer Genesis

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Many years ago back in the 1980s a Malaysian friend of mine was spotted by another student from his country leaving the local gay club in Cardiff. By the weekend he was back home in Kuala Lumpur facing the wrath of his family. To this day many LGBTQ+ people feel compelled to leave home in order to be themselves or in the worst case scenarios, such as Chechnya, to avoid summary execution at the hands of their own families.

This is one of the key themes of the debut album from Dead Method and from the off with Babylon there is no holding back with its refrain “Do I belong in Babylon? Yes I fucking do”. A killer 21st century protest song for the dance floors. Violent Men continues in this vein with its 130 bpm assault which challenges and accuses, but as always, with style and grace. Elsewhere there are some reflective slower songs such as Chasm which has a sublime soulful vocal. The title track Queer Genesis is one of those heart stopping moments. If you find anything that moves you and sounds this beautiful in 2020 I would be surprised.

The music industry has always been relatively accepting of LGBTQ+ artists provided they operate within certain parameters and ideally stay behind the scenes. Dead Method will have none of that. With a killer combination of the musical production prowess of Minas and the soaring beauty of Lloyd Best’s vocals they are out and proud and on a mission.

As John Lydon once sang “anger is an energy”. Dead Method are angry and queer agitprop has never sounded so glorious.

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