The April Welsh Political Barometer Poll

In these difficult times there is not a great deal of good news around for many people. However, Welsh Conservatives will surely be cheered by the findings of our new Welsh Political Barometer poll. Recent Britain-wide polls have shown support for the Conservative government increasing, with the Tories’ already strong position apparently being boosted by a ‘rally to the flag’ effect similar to what polls in many other countries have found in the current crisis. Our new Barometer poll indicates something similar happening in Wales; already challenging their best ever polling ratings, the Welsh Conservatives have received a further boost.

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These poll numbers for the Conservatives in Wales are staggering!

Conservatives: 46% (+5)
Labour: 34% (-2)
Plaid Cymru: 11% (-2)
Liberal Democrats: 4% (-1)
Brexit Party: 3% (no change)
Greens: 2% (no change)
Others: 0 (-1)